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digital video, 22 mins, 2019

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'this is addictive'

CA Conrad

‘The gamuli are the spirits of the land.
they live in the sea, in the rivers, in the forest, in hot springs.
When they all gather together they go to the Okhotsk sea,
the Bering sea, to the Pacific ocean, to hunt.
On each finger of their hands they catch a whale
& with this catch they go down into the mouth of the volcano...'

from an Itelmen myth as told by Dr Viktoria Petrasheva

A journey to the end of the world to burn a book of regrets in a volcano.

A picaresque passage through Kamchatka, the land of ice and fire, with spirits who barbecue whales in lava and raven gods who make love to turds.

First screened at Deptford Festival of Moving Image. Subsequent screenings at SET Alscot Road, I Never Read Book Fair (Art Basel) & Camden Arts Centre (Cork Street Galleries).


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