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George Finlay Ramsay
Volcanoes & Regret
SET Alscot Road


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Exhibition: 27th October - 30th November 2019

Volcanoes & Regret is the culmination of a three-year project that pivots around the act of burning human regrets in volcanoes.

First undertaken in 2017 when George drove from the north of Scotland to mt Etna in his old Volvo, Vulva, then again in 2018 on the remote volcanic peninsula of Kamchatka. Volcanoes & Regret is his first solo exhibition. It includes films, a publication, a live sound installation & Vulva encased in a volcano proof suit.

The project brings together some of his favourite artists, each responding to the project in their own inimitable ways.
He will be collaborating with Nina Lopez for the sculptural installation
V is for Volvo, Vulva, Volcano, and with Erik Perera to create Volcano Lover, a sonic installation responsive to live volcanic data using an array of sound making machines, often of domestic and/or geological bent. The latter will continue to develop throughout the exhibition period.

Two main events (eruptions) will aim to both elucidate and obscure the work with live performances, talks, screenings and so on.

26th October: First Eruption —
7pm - midnight, Entry: £7 (£5)

The first eruption will be an evening of ritual, music, audio visual collage, poetry and southern Italian food. George will be joined by renowned eco poet CA Conrad, electronic composer Coby Sey, video artists Rebecca Salvadori & Leah Walker and poet / sound artist Nasim Luczaj. It will be an evening of new live work made in response to the project.
A celebration of weakness as strength.

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27th November: Last Eruption —

The last eruption will be an evening of music, talks and screenings. With a talk from volcanologist Prof. David Pyle and music from experimental producer Avel,  Merlin Nova who will duet on drum kit with a washing machine full of rocks, and a DJ set from sound archivist Andrea Zarza.

Films screened: ‘Book of Regrets: For Kamchatka’ and ‘Stromboli: Interview with a Volcano'


23 Breakfast Psalms & Subsequent Eruptions a risograph pamphlet containing poems and essays by Izabella Scott, Felice Moramarco, Nasim Luczaj, CA Conrad and George Finlay Ramsay. £5 --- get in touch for orders


23rd November: Unfold Yr Own Myth — a free workshop on creativity and ritual for adults.

Volcanoes & Regret is supported supported using public funding by Arts Council England & Public Engagement Grant from University of Oxford. Project producer is Joanne Matthews.

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