breakfast psalms

after breakfast
a week

a month

a year

write a


a kind of non religious

religious poem

as he sat down
to breakfast on
child number three
saturn mumbled something like
lately i’ve been feeling that lately i’ve been feeling that lately i’ve been feeling that something isn’t quite right...

can you feel me?

i had to go
to wakefield citilodge
to solve the problem
with quantum physics
but i didn’t do it alone
i enlisted the help of
a 3 year old boy
he scooted back and forth
on the legs of his white plastic high chair & said
‘look, there are waves emanating out of me
& not only forwards but also backwards & everything that has
ever happened
& will happen
is occurring RIGHT

children & dogs
are good at telepathy
i want to be a child & a dog again
not an insensitive adult adept at touch typing
but unable to speak
on my god given

i gave birth
to a one legged jackdaw & as she hopped
out of my womb
she said
‘my name is Kutka
& i have come to teach you about control:
you have less than a speck of dust
in a hurricane
& that’s the good part’

& if life
is suffering
then what are

the starlings playing at?

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