Poem & Sound Piece, 20 mins, 2020

language limpets spiral.jpg

‘as the wurld makes
& unmakes her bed
thinks of something clever to say
then leaves it unsaid'

A narrative poem about a raven spoken out loud with music.
Inspired by the trickster origin myths of Northern Pacific cultures &
the Coronavirus pandemic. Raven travels though the landscape of the 2020s, transforming herself, battling her nemesis Lord Fatberg, hanging out with extinct species on the beach & re-making the world to her better designs.

Raven is a trickster god in many northern Pacific cultures. Metamorphic, scatological and irreverent, Raven makes & illuminates this world with his creative wit. This poem is inspired by
Raven Travelling as told by the masterful Haida myth-teller Skaay of the Qquuna Qiighaway to the anthropologist John Swanton in 1900, and translated by Robert Bringhurst in A Story as Sharp as a Knife.

The piece was first premiered on Coby Sey's NTS radio show (parts I-IV & parts V-X), and subsequently formed part of Generator Projects’ online exhibition 'Radio Gen'. Tape release forthcoming.