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Poem, Sound Piece & Performance, 20 mins, 2020-2021


image by Tim Ryan (The Thrill of Zilch)

'as the wurld makes
& unmakes her bed
thinks of something clever to say

then leaves it unsaid'

A written & sound pome [sic] & live event to be performed in pitch black.

Like a radio play but faster and louder. Verbal gymnastics & contrapuntal bubblegum do a dance with interspecies sex in Wallmart parking lots, punch-ups in Morley’s chicken shops & ancient myths dissolved into instagram memes. Inspired by the trickster origin myths of Northern Pacific cultures & the Coronavirus pandemic. Raven travels though the landscape of the 2020s, transforming herself, from toddler to teen to adult, battling her nemesis Lord Fatberg (who smells suspiciously like Trump & BoJo), hanging out with extinct species at a seaside resort & re-making the wurld to her better designs.

Raven is a trickster god in many northern Pacific cultures. Metamorphic, scatological and irreverent, Raven makes & illuminates this world with creative wit. This pome [sic] is inspired by Raven Travelling as told by the masterful Haida myth-teller Skaay of the Qquuna Qiighaway to the anthropologist John Swanton in 1900.

'This is what Radio Four might sound like if the commissioning editors were reared on Finnegan's Wake and Cage's Indeterminancy'

Matthew Ingram, author of Retreat: How the Counterculture Invented Wellness (Repeater Books)

Premiered on NTS radio in May 2020, featured on Generator Project's Radio Gen & Sections published in 'Becoming Feral' (Objet-a Creative Studio, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) & Subtexts. Performed at Empty Brain Resort, Vilnius & Group MŰTŐ Sandbox Festival, Budapest.

Limited tape run of 'Raven's Reprise / Bad Rhythm' by Sissy Fuss now available from Stay Awake 


'Plughole' section published as part of 'Subtexts', a collection of geopoetic writing



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