Poem, Sound Piece & Performance, 20 mins, 2020-2021


image by Tim Ryan (The Thrill of Zilch)

'as the wurld makes
& unmakes her bed
thinks of something clever to say

then leaves it unsaid'

A written & sound pome [sic] & live event to be performed in pitch black.

Like a radio play but faster and louder. Verbal gymnastics & contrapuntal bubblegum do a dance with interspecies sex in Wallmart parking lots, punch-ups in Morley’s chicken shops & ancient myths dissolved into instagram memes. Inspired by the trickster origin myths of Northern Pacific cultures & the Coronavirus pandemic. Raven travels though the landscape of the 2020s, transforming herself, from toddler to teen to adult, battling her nemesis Lord Fatberg (who smells suspiciously like Trump & BoJo), hanging out with extinct species at a seaside resort & re-making the wurld to her better designs.

Raven is a trickster god in many northern Pacific cultures. Metamorphic, scatological and irreverent, Raven makes & illuminates this world with creative wit. This pome [sic] is inspired by Raven Travelling as told by the masterful Haida myth-teller Skaay of the Qquuna Qiighaway to the anthropologist John Swanton in 1900.

Premiered on NTS radio in May 2020, featured on Generator Project's Radio Gen & Resonance.fm. Sections published in 'Becoming Feral' (Objet-a Creative Studio, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) & Subtexts. Performed at Empty Brain Resort, Vilnius & Group MŰTŐ Sandbox Festival, Budapest.

Limited tape run of 'Raven's Reprise / Bad Rhythm' by Sissy Fuss now available from Stay Awake 


'Plughole' section published as part of 'Subtexts', a collection of geopoetic writing