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w Mount Stromboli
digital video, 9 mins 20 secs, 2019

silver hermes.jpg

i slept at the top of the volcano

& fell asleep to the sound of it erupting,

whispering sweet pillow talk. in the morning

i went and made the film, asking questions without the need for an answer.

when i arrived back at the beach at lunch time i swam in the sea

then napped on the black sand.

my mind unfolded in the most fluid filmic way.

this film attempts to convey the feeling.


A conversation with the youngest member of the Eolian family, the lighthouse of the Mediterranean, Stromboli.

Thanks to Giuseppe Mele & Cinema Mele. Screened at SET Alscot Road & Bow Arts Visions in the Nunnery.

stromboli interview with a volcano long
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