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art pack / spiritual board game, 2020

fox saturated.png

Spin Raven's tail to get your trickster task.


A tool kit designed to help you unleash your inner trickster.

A spiritual board game cum instructional art map.
This pack is designed to help unleash your inner trickster, and can produce many (infinite?) outcomes. Tasks range from creating nonsense political slogans to recreating a famous artwork and pretending it is your own, to imagining you body as a landscape and then travelling that landscape.

Tricksters are mythic figures who reflect the playful and disruptive side of human imagination.
Out to satisfy their great appetites, lying cheating and stealing,
they paradoxically hold special spiritual wisdom and power.
Examples include Raven in northern Pacific and Coyote many Native American groups,
Anansi the spider among the Ashanti in West Africa, and Loki in Norse mythology.


designed for Folk Beasts, a project by Hart Club & Golden Thread Project

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