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Live performance, 2017-2019

TQS_2_FM_London_11:05:2019_037 copy.jpg

A service to wake up or put to sleep volcanoes, the audience chooses which they prefer. It uses incantation, diary entries & repetitive droning machines: a hoover harmonium, cappuccino frother snare, a hand fan violin & other contraptions.


Selected Performances: TQS Exercises on Displacement (UK), l’Asilo, Naples (IT), MÖTÖ, Budapest (HU), Parki Kulturi, Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky, Kamchatka (RUS).

all photos 35mm by Francesco Mussida at TQS

TQS_2_FM_London_11:05:2019_017 copy.jpg
TQS_2_FM_London_11:05:2019_094 copy.jpg
TQS_2_FM_London_11:05:2019_067 copy.jpg
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