born: 30th October 1988, died: TBC

children & dogs

are good at telepathy

i want to be a child

& a dog again

not an insensitive adult

adept at touch typing

but unable to speak on my

god given telephone

i am an artist from scotland.
i make films, pomes, performances, music, installations & so on.
i like to invent religions to play inside

& decide if i believe in them later or never.
recently i have been working with volcanoes,

bringing books full of people’s regrets

to burn in their mouths.

his work has been presented by NTS (International), Art Basel (Switzerland), Matadero (Spain), L’Orto Botanico di Roma (Italy), CTM Festival (Germany), Bow Arts (Elngland), Generator Projects (Scotland), Rupert (Lithuania), Camden Arts Centre (England) & BBC Late Junction (UK) 


& funded by Oxford University, Arts Council England and Sound & Music.